Pursuing MBBS from UCMS GTB hospital, Delhi, (batch-2016-17)

I studied in David school from class nursery.) have a lot of good memories of my school.) always had a dream of getting the attention of my teachers,Ramveer sir, principal sir and I achieved it today.

The foundation of career of a student is formed in their school.The infrastructure,faculty members, ambience and especially teachers have a great role in shaping a student.our Ramveer choudhary sir(bade sir) is such a genuine person.I also want to mention Prabhakar sir(Physics) who believed in me.I believe not only your hard work but everyone be it your teachers,parents and friends play a great role in achievement of your success. Further, everyone has a special talent.Don't copy others.You should always believe in your inner strength.Focus on your target and achieve it. At last,it's not about the hard work of one day but a continuous effort given by you on the regular basis.

School Alumni

Govind Raj

Pursuing B.Tech in Delhi, Technological University (Electrical Engineering)

I still remember my state of ignorance during class VII. I only studied to pass but when my younger sister got 8th position in class and I got none then I became determined to study hard and get my name on board. I am also thankful to David School as they inspired me to work hard to achieve success.

I owe my success to David School. From faculty to infrastructure, from academics to extra curricular. It is a full package that I can recommend to any one.

School Alumni

Ayush Gupta

Pursuing B.E. from Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, Dwarka, Delhi (Batch : 2015)

The journey with David School has been emotional, unforgettable for me and zipping it into few words is never going to be easy. When I joined the school, I was very crystal clear with what I wanted to achieve in next two years of my life. But it was the effort of dedicated teachers and staff members who helped me in achieving that. Right from quality teaching by Prabhakar Sir, Mahakant Sir, Devendra Sir, Gaurav Sir; continuos feedback from Ravinder Sir, motivational sessions from Seema Ma'am and constant support from Ramvir Sir. Everyone helped me in moving towards the right direction.

As a result of all that, I not only secured good marks in board examinations but also secured good AIR ( General) in JEE Advance Examination as well as JEE Mains.

Currently I am pursuing B.E from Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, Dwarka.That confidence and the motivation to do well is still there in me and here I am among top scorers among my college peers. In fact I am the founder and president of one of the best Technical society of our college " The Debugging Society" which was recognized officially within one year of its inception and aims at teaching college students topics like Android Development, Machine Learning etc.

At last a message to all my dear juniors. Hard work is a vector quantity i.e both the magnitude as well as the direction matters. Also take your studies as a fun activity not as burden, you will obviously enjoy it and most importantly keep respecting your teachers.

School Alumni

Kartiki Verma

Pursuing Masters in Economics, Delhi School of Economics (Delhi University)

I am Kartiki Verma (2013 pass out), currently pursuing Masters in Economics from Delhi School of Economics (Delhi University). I did my Graduation in Economics (Hons.) from Daulat Ram College (DU).

I Still recognize myself a part of David family and I am proud to be an alumni of it. A major contribution of all my achievements goes to its amazing teachers. I was the topper of Commerce Stream and I owe my success to David School. From faculty to infrastructure, from academics to extra curricular, it is a full package that I can recommend to any one.

School Alumni

Priyanka Dedha

Pursuing BSc. from Daulat Ram College, Delhi University

Everybody who got anything out of school has a favourite teacher. A person who drew out hidden qualities that you, in your ignorant youth, didn't even know were qualities. More often than not, those favourite teachers stood apart from their peers in big ways that may have, at the time, seemed small-they thought creatively rather than just being slaves to that dictatorial beast of education we call pedagogy. And often, they were just a little…odd. They took a chance on us because they believed we could make it in the world, and that belief can make all the difference and my whole journey as a Davidian was really superb and for all that I just would like to thank to each & every person who was a part of David.

School Alumni

Anuj Nagar

(B.Tech), Graduated from Delhi Technological University (DTU)

I cherish my days in David School. It was a journey which has enhanced my personality and groomed me at many phases. It is here I felt love, care and guidance from my teachers. I wish to be here again but then not as a student, as a guest. I am going to work hard to turn up this in reality and make my teachers proud.

School Alumni

Arun Kumar

Pursuing MBBS from VMMC Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi

It is seriously very hard to describe DAVID in two-three lines. A lot of emotions are attached here. That awesome feeling whenever we used to be with our respected BADE SIR, RAVINDRA SIR, GURU Ji's surprise visits, morning assemblies, our very strict but sweet PTI BABITA MAM, all our respected teachers I guess it was amazing. There are many schools in India, but for me being a DAVIDIAN was like a family, will always love to be a part of this family. This place has helped me grow a lot.

School Alumni

Vikas Aggarwal

Charted Accountant, Delhi

I'm greatly privileged to communicate with you through this medium. I'm very thankful to Ramvir Sir to give such a good platform to us which helps in paving a good path for our career. Please note that there is no shortcut to success. The secret to achieve your goals is to come out of your comfort zone.

Further, be realistic and have a positive attitude. This would spark extraordinary outcomes for you.

Last, but not the least, persevere, stick to your goals till you get there!

School Alumni

Aarohi Kasana

Lady Hardinge Medical College Delhi (2019-20)

It is an honour for me to write this appreciation for my school David Model Senior Secondary School. I would like to thank all my mentors who held my hand and made me. This school taught me to be confident. In my NEET preparation, Physics the toughest subject was made so understanding by Mayank Sharma sir. There have been times when life was difficult and all the teachers have taught me to fight in difficult time. Regards.

School Alumni

Harsh Vardhan

MBBS Armed Forces Medical College, Pune

My two years at David Model Senior Secondary School taught me the values of hard work, determination, and discipline that helped me get to my dream college, Armed Forces Medical College, Pune. Not only the skills and exposure I received during my school years will help me excel in college academics, they will also enable me to serve the nation and its citizen as commissioned officer in the Army Medical Corps. This institution instilled in me a patriotic spirit for my Nation and a desire to serve my people in the noblest way possible. I want to convey my thanking to the School Management, teachers and classmates for guiding through this journey.

School Alumni

Mukti Sharma

S.N. Medical College, Agra (MBBS Batch-2021)

It has almost been 2 years since I left the David school but it still feels like my second home. I remember all the unforgettable memories that made the 8 years of school journey so beautiful. The best part of my journey has been the bond that the teacher have shared with us. I still remember the day of our farewell, 7.02.20 when MD sir said "It looks like I am bidding a farewell to my daughter." Principal Sir has always been a mentor and motivator. "Dear Mukti Beta may you find what you seek in these pages" written on the first page of book he gave to me, is no less than a blessing. Teachers of our David family have always been a constant supporter, appreciator and above all well-wishers. Apart from the things that I could learn from the opportunities given in co -curricular activities, the value of discipline I've learnt here is going to stay with me for a lifetime. While writing this down I walked through the memory lane of School and cherished so many moments. Words would fall short in writing all of them.

"I am grateful to all the teachers and staff of David School for their constant support. Their blessings have played the important role in leading me to where I am." A message to all my juniors-

"Attending school daily, following rules and discipline, getting scolded and having so many co-curricular activity might seem loosing to you at times. But these are your toe learning days. You are being trained for the world you'll face after you pass the school. Make sure you learn and enjoy every bit of these golden years of school life."

School Alumni

Aman Jha

CA, Delhi

"Unlocking Success: How My Parents, Teachers and School Management Paved the Way"
As a Chartered Accountant, I have been fortunate to enjoy a successful and fulfilling career in finance. However, this journey was not just about hard work and dedication, it was also about the support and guidance of the people who helped shaping my life. I owe my success to my parents, teachers, and the School Management, who believed in me and provided me with the foundation I needed to pursue my dreams.

My parents, who always encouraged me to strive for excellence, instilled in me the importance of hard work, integrity, and determination. Their unwavering support and belief in me gave me the confidence to pursue my passion for finance and helped me overcome the challenges that came my way. My teachers, who were not just educators but mentors, played a significant role in shaping my career path. They provided me with the knowledge and skills I needed to succeed, and their guidance and support helped me achieve my goals. Their passion for teaching and their commitment to their students was truly inspiring and has had a lasting impact on my life. The school management, who always encouraged students to strive for excellence, provided a supportive and enriching environment that allowed me to grow and develop my potential. Their dedication to provide quality education and resources were instrumental in helping me to reach my goals and I am grateful for the opportunities they provided me. In conclusion, I am proud to be a Chartered Accountant and I am grateful for the support and guidance of my parents, teachers, and school management. They have been a crucial part of my journey to success and I will always be thankful for their contributions in my life. I hope that my words will inspire my juniors to seek out the support and guidance of the people around them and to never give up to achieve their goals.

School Alumni

Lakshay Kaushik

MBBS (Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedhkar Medical College, Rohini, Delhi)

First of all, I am grateful for my life and destiny for bringing me to this school. Beautiful experience with teachers and students is something that money can't ever buy. David Model Senior Secondary School played a great role in making me capable to reach my goal! Thank you for being our second parent. This school set me and challenged me to live up to my dreams. To the Principal Sir, MD Sir, Vice Principal Sir and all my respected teachers, thank you for helping me to shape my future and giving me wings to fly high in life. Thank You for making me as good as possible.

School Alumni

Shalu Sharma

Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Science, Saifai

Studying in David Model Sr. Sec. School felt like an honor to me, the faculty and the atmosphere of studies is really impressive. Teachers like Prem Sir who taught Maths made every mathematical problem effertless and also I would like to mention our respected Mrs. Seema Mam our biology teacher, she is the best in the business. One more mention of a really special teacher Mr. Nitin Sir who made Chemistry so easy. The faculty of our School is very supportive and always try to deliver their level best in favour of students. Overall it is one of the best schools I have seen in my life. I consider myself fortunate that I was a part of this School. 

School Alumni

Surabhi Sarda


It is a great honor for me to share with you all that I have cleared all the levels of CA in my first attempt. This school played a very important role in my life in achieving this milestone as This School has imparted me the basic foundation of knowledge to achieve my goal. This is the best school for number of reasons! The teachers are extremely helpful and cooperative. They try to get the best of the students by placing due focus on extra-curricular activities along with the academics. The opportunities one can get here are uncountable. This School provides for the overall growth of a student in a competitive environment. I am extremely grateful and would like to give the credit of my achievement to my school because "Strong roots produce beautiful leaves" and the roots for me to become a CA is, was and will be my School.

School Alumni

Tanisha Mittal

Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi

My name is Tanisha Mittal, I had joined David School in 2020. I have been in school only for two years but those two years are very memorable two years of my life and I am very lucky to be part of it. Despite the Covid and the hard times the faculty was very good in teaching and guiding me in my journey to boards and NEET and today being in Lady Hardinge Medical College I can proudly say that I am an ex-davidian.

School Alumni

Utkarsh Pandey

B.Tech from Netaji Subhash University of Technology, Delhi

Myself Utkarsh Pandey (2019-20) I became Davidian in my 9th class. On the very first day, I was afraid about how will I handle this journey but due to the teachers the Journey became enjoyable. Right from Class 9th Maths became my favourite subject due to Sanjay Sir and Prem sir. Apart from this Mayank Sir was the best. Himanshu sir's NCERT coverage for integration is unmatchable. In short, I would like say that David School played an important role in shaping my career from the CBSE to IIT.

School Alumni

Himanshu Chaudhary

B.Com (Honours) from Delhi School of Economics (Delhi University)

I never wanted to be a Davidian, but today I feel lucky that I was and still am a part of David. I was a student of David Model Senior Secondary School with commerce stream and I completed my schooling from here in the year 2015. David helped me achieve my biggest dream, Shri Ram College of Commerce! David gave me the opportunities to develop myself which I did not get earlier in my life and more importantly it gave me the confidence to exploit those opportunities to the fullest.

Today I'm a completely different personality altogether, I'm trying to balance different virtues of life. I'm leading a team of 200 people with me. I'm dealing with top corporate people. I'm dealing with famous celebrities. I'm having meetings with top politicians. I'm organising seminars and events with a footfall of approximately 5000 people. I'm shaping myself and the team I work with and the roots of these leaderships kills are grounded in David. It was David only where I got the opportunity to stand and speak in front of a mass for the first time. I might not have achieved some thing very big, but my school, my teachers, and the entire David fraternity helped me achieve what is the biggest thing for me. I would like to thank Ramvir Sir, Ravinder Sir, Seema Ma'am, Praveen Sir, Namita Ma'am and all the teachers who helped me become a better person and this is not the end of the story. I hope I will have the opportunity to share my bigger achievements with my David family with their blessings in future.

School Alumni

Ashish Jaiswal

B.Tech from IIT Delhi

It is a privilege that I was asked to write few lines for all of you reading this. It is not much of a success in my opinion but still it was hard to achieve and David played a great role in making me capable to reach my goal. I sincerely greet thanks to all the faculty for all their efforts which are being reflected in me now.

No matter what is success for you but these features will play a key role in helping you achieve it:- 

  • Find your goal and stick to it. Many people like you stop in between their path to success, thinking it’s not possible for them to achieve it and that’s where they are wrong. Believing in yourself and being honest to your goal keeps you one step ahead of people doing same.
  • Be honest to yourself and keep making efforts regularly. A regular practice is always better than last moment preparation. Not only does it give a feeling of satisfaction but also confidence in yourself.
  • Your efforts can never be enough. Everyday ask yourself “Was it enough? What I had been doing or what will I be doing in future to achieve my goal? Will that be enough?”. I say “it will never be”. But these efforts can be more than the efforts of other people which will help you in outstanding them.
  • Finally work hard till you achieve success for yourself and you will be soon sharing your experience with other people (which is the best part of it).
School Alumni

Shweta Rawat

TGT- Physics, Florida

I am feeling overwhelming at this moment. This school has given me everything that one can think of. In terms of values, education, discipline and empathy from teachers no one can ever beat David Model senior secondary school. This school has made a positive difference in my life. I would specially like to thank and give my regards to Mr. Prabhakar Pandey sir who was our physics teacher. He had blind faith on us. He is the true definition of how ideal teacher should be like. I am also following the path shown by him. Wherever I will go in my life the ethics ,moral and integrity which i have learned from this school will be with me forever.

School Alumni