Ashish Jaiswal

B.Tech from IIT Delhi

It is a privilege that I was asked to write few lines for all of you reading this. It is not much of a success in my opinion but still it was hard to achieve and David played a great role in making me capable to reach my goal. I sincerely greet thanks to all the faculty for all their efforts which are being reflected in me now.

No matter what is success for you but these features will play a key role in helping you achieve it:- 

  • Find your goal and stick to it. Many people like you stop in between their path to success, thinking it’s not possible for them to achieve it and that’s where they are wrong. Believing in yourself and being honest to your goal keeps you one step ahead of people doing same.
  • Be honest to yourself and keep making efforts regularly. A regular practice is always better than last moment preparation. Not only does it give a feeling of satisfaction but also confidence in yourself.
  • Your efforts can never be enough. Everyday ask yourself “Was it enough? What I had been doing or what will I be doing in future to achieve my goal? Will that be enough?”. I say “it will never be”. But these efforts can be more than the efforts of other people which will help you in outstanding them.
  • Finally work hard till you achieve success for yourself and you will be soon sharing your experience with other people (which is the best part of it).
School Alumni

Shweta Rawat

TGT- Physics, Florida

I am feeling overwhelming at this moment. This school has given me everything that one can think of. In terms of values, education, discipline and empathy from teachers no one can ever beat David Model senior secondary school. This school has made a positive difference in my life. I would specially like to thank and give my regards to Mr. Prabhakar Pandey sir who was our physics teacher. He had blind faith on us. He is the true definition of how ideal teacher should be like. I am also following the path shown by him. Wherever I will go in my life the ethics ,moral and integrity which i have learned from this school will be with me forever.

School Alumni